Thursday, April 2, 2009

.day dreaming!.

is there any goo joon pyo or dao ming si left in this world??
a malay version may be? then, i would like to be jan di or san chai (malay version one) for his soulmate! hahahaha..
just finished watching this k-drama so called boys over flower again! (da bape kali ntah aku tgk.. tgk asik powerd2 part best je n every episode ada part best. kehkeh)
haihh.. best ar citer ni..
rasa cam nak baca manga version plak..
teringat zaman2 sekolah sanggup ponteng sekolah sebab nak tengok jugak last episode meteor garden 2 kat astro tu.. (kat channel ciner plak tu, of cos sepatah haram x paham.. seb bek ada farah a.k.a my luvly cuzzy as translator.. lol!)
best n best n best..
sile la tgk yer bg sape yg blom tgk tu..

goo joon pyo and dao ming si


jun pyo oppa!


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mili said...


tu jun pyo oppa aku sorg je!!
ko amik woo bin oppa
yo yo yo wassup bro tuh

sitot mysteritot said...

no way!
he's mine!

Miss Elle said...

semua adalah boifrensss o... tamak giler... nasib la o minat ji hoon lebih dari pu yo tuh...

tengah asyik berebut ngan kak dila kau... hahaha...

sitot mysteritot said...

akak amik ar lagi 3 tu..
o nak goo joon pyo je..
pls pls pls... :D

Miss Elle said...

okeh aaa... kau amik la pu yo tuh... tapi nanti bila o dah boring ngan ji hoon o nak pu yo balik tau.. hahahaa

sitot mysteritot said...

nehi2..kabhi nehi..
sian ju pyo..
nnt dia rindu o cmne?