Monday, February 9, 2009

.taggie tag by intan-chan.

15 things I have learnt in 2008

  1. never ever being selfish!
  2. never ever waste your time!
  3. time is golden
  4. family is my everything..
  5. friends is my everything too..
  6. taking care of health is very, no ice for you siti!lol!
  7. nescafe can makes me stay up all nite long..
  8. don't judge people by the first impression
  9. my english sucks!
  10. chocolate and all types of nuts can my make my ezema get worse!
  11. being active such as joining any club activity can cheer up your life and makes you forget all the problems that u have. :)
  12. shop through internet! (blasah je laa)
  13. blogging is fun!
  14. overcome my low self esteem..(still got a lil bit.. a lil bit.. aiyoo!)
  15. let by gone be by gone..
now, i would like to tag shedot the cencudut..cenmili..ida raihanot..intan baa baa..and amey! :)

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