Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.my mobile upload.

these pictures taken on my birthday at foe foyer just after emi lecture. :p

well, these pictures taken during a hang out with my bff amalina..
yeah.. we suppose to celebrate our birthday together..
but, tak kesampaian lagi..
biler ni bai??
takpe2, kite tggu..
everyday is our birthday anyway.. lol!~
and hey bai! waa tak wish ur birthday in myblog lagi.. ngah2!
happy birthday my dear friend!! (8/11/87)
may our friendship last forever!
luv ya!

ok, this one taken during mak ngah's open house mengejut..
hahaha... mak ngah ajak makan2 that day..
and my diet ruin since that day..
mana tak nye wehh, nasi lomak sodap...
3 pinggan haaa..
well, both of them are sibling..
the one with blue black t-shirt is rania while that cutie pie wearing pink is qistina..
ok.. i miss them both.. sob sob..

erm.. this one is one of my fav birthday present.. ngeh2!
taken right after i hung it up.. :)

the emc1 lab experiment..
where we use the pcb as our measurement..
and the pictures around the pcb are the results..

ok.. can u see the jubah?
that jubah is from medan,Indonesia..
a birthday gift from my dearest lovable mak teh..
thank u mak teh..
i just love it..
and wore it during raya haji..
ada lagi 2 jubah hendon lom pakai..
satu from ummi..
another one from ibu..
thank u everybody.. muax2!

that's all folks!

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