Tuesday, December 29, 2009

.it only comes once a month.

every girls or women will experience it every month unless she's already old. i mean really old. lol!~
this time my pain i guess one of the worst I've experienced..
i got a headache where i felt like someone hitting me with hammer on my head.. :(( really i can't sleep that night until i took 2 tablets of panadol..
huhu.. tomorrow in the morning, again...i woke up late! sorry2... i just can't sleep last night laa ibu..
the pain come and go..
i really felt uneasy..
like everything was wrong to me that day..
i slept again in the evening..
i just slept all day long..
i woke up that evening just to take a bath and have dinner.. lol!~
and went back to sleep at 10++..
and still, i woke up late again this morning..
hehehe.. I'm okay now.. but i feel tired.. maybe tired of enduring the pain i guess..
alhamdulillah.. the pain is over for now..
hope next month would not be worst than this pain.. hehe..

lately, i've been listening to this beautiful song by boys like girls feat taylor swift.. it's call two better than one.. :) and i found this one cute video while youtubing.. check it out.. very creative laa u gurl! :D

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