Friday, December 18, 2009

.chasing liberty.

ya ya ya.. the soo last year sitot just watch chasing liberty..
it's a nice movie!
even though i still feel that it's not logic for someone to fall in love in just a few days of knowing his/her partner... in this case, maybe about 2/3 dys after she met him? aiyakkk?!
so fast isn't it?
faster than erl.... (apa yg ko merepeks ni huh!)
it takes forever to know someone... (hahaha! hamek sitot the jiwang da ckp)
tapi cinta itu kan buta.. ada je cinta pandang pertama kan.. (yek2... aku nak muntah)
sooo.. sape2 yang so dammnnnn last year as me.. shud watch the movie ok.. :)
ok, i'm soooo not in the mood of study!
especially during the rainy weather like today.. ngah3!! ouh my blanket... my bibi... my bed! lol!!

to mmuiansss!! good luck for finalsss!!!
jangan malas2!
mari study!! :D


=::SaBr!NaS::= said...

sy pun xtgk ag..ade geng..haha

sitot mysteritot said...

ouh hooo.. siler laa tgk yer.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt... :p