Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.kg sweet kg. :)

last weekend, abg hafiz n family, abg anuar, my parent and i went to Bukit Mertajam, Penang to visit atok plus celebrating his 74th birthday.
Atok actual birthday was on 23th July but the celebration was made on the 25th.
thanks to si becok girl nur amalia hani for being sooo cheeeeeekkkyyy all the way to bukit mertajam...
at least ayah had someone to gado with... haha! duer2 kuat menyakat! hehe..
we reached BM at 7pm..
the celebration started after isyaq.. starting with tahlil and yaasin..
the makan2 was after that..
credits to kak adik for being the kitchen chief of the day!
the menus were

- roti jala.. u can have it with curry or serawa durian.. yummy!
- laksa penang! this one is marvelous!
- lontong and sambal sotong..
- secret recipe cheese cake...

terer ar kak adik!!!
not to forget, we gave atok a cigarete case as a birthday gift..
atok still looks weak but more energetic than before..
semoga kesihatan beliau bertambah baik.. aminn..

i met new born kittens back at the kg..
well kak intan's cat a.k.a pai has delivered 3 lovely cute adorable kittens..
one of them reminds me of my great bradley..
where are you bradley? don't u miss me?
huhu.. bradley sombong! bwek!!! (bole x gado ngan kucing?!! #$%^&*$)

we went back to kl on the next day in the afternoon.
on the way back,abg hafiz we being treated us with nasi kandaq at restoran pelita juru..
oh my oh my...
the curry was superb!!! thanks abg hafiz! >:D<
the menus were
- rice
- fish curry
- crab curry
- fried chicken
- vege...

i've ruin my diet in just 2 days! T_T but i didn't regret it at all..
cause i lovee fooodd...!! lol! what an excuse??
after having our lunch, we continue our journey to kuala lumpur..
the journey was okey until we got stuck in a jam..
accident happened! huhu..
alhamdulillah, we manage to get through the jam..
after that, we stopped at RnR Behrang for a break..
we reached home at around 8.15pm..
ouh hooo!!! i'm sooo happy with the trip to kampung..!

okey.. there goes the monday bluesss..
nothing much happened actually on monday..
i just read twilight new moon and chit chatting with una,ika n emi since the wireless were not working on monday..
no ym! no facebook! no blogging! no stalking!! omg! can u imagine??
night at home, i continue my beads project...
continue the beading job patiently..
i hope i could finish it as soon as possible...
i want to finish it a.s.a.p could i? can i? omg! enough siti! stop being sooo dramatic! lol!

p/s: maapkan segala kerojakan dan segala kesalahan tatabahasa..

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