Sunday, July 5, 2009


last friday, was the last day of internship programme for azhar and affi..
the gurls did a mini farewell party at mcD for affi during lunch hour and we took many picturess..
we had a great time together..
hope this friendship will never end..


a wish for azhar, affi and not to forget anwar who has finished his internship programme a week before azhar n affi.......

dear friends,

all the best for your future undertaking!

hope to see you all again..
thanks for everything and sorry for any mistakes that i've done...


siti :)

p/s : take care and dun forget us! :)

p/s/s: lepas ni kak ju and munee.. pastu ika n emi puler.. tinggalla daku bersama una.. seb bek ada una!

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