Thursday, July 16, 2009

.the 6th friday in celcom. :)

it's friday!
and it's the 6th friday of my industrial training programme..
can't wait till the 16th friday of the programme! lol!

it's 9.30 am in the morning and i just had my breakfast with ika..
emi and una didn't come today..
una had to go to her campus to submit her monthly practical report to her university supervisor while emi had to babysit his brothersss at home since his parent is outstation.
sweet isn't it? a guy babysit children? lol! (emi practice tuuu... :)))

ok, now the clock shows 9.33 am..
and mr S still didn't assign me anything to do...
plss assign me something to do.. plss plsss.. i'm begging... or else it's gonna be a long day for me.. :'(

ok2.. jangan merengek eh sitot...
what am i going to do this weekend?
jeng jeng jeng!
my parent didn't make any confirmation about visiting atok in penang..
if the plan cancel, i'll be supporting my petom on their futsal tournament tomorrow (doory men futsal wehh!!!) go doory go!!

whatever it is i still loveeeee friday! :)

p/s : ouh mlm ni ade cte nur kasih.. yeay2!

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