Monday, June 22, 2009


congratulation and celebration to my lebly amey!
she's going to further her studies in malacca starting this july!
huhu.. i'm surely gonna miss u my dear..
but it's only for 2 years and a half plus it's only malacca laa dey! not far2 away!
but still gonna miss u bai!

kalo ko homesick kan bai,
ko leh laaa...
  1. balik weekend.. naik bus kkkl.. sebab bus ni mmg laju.. superb.. tip top!
  2. call aku.. commonlaa skrg kan ada uox! lol!
  3. online je.. kite leh ym2!
  4. makan!!! sumtimes eating helps! hahaa.. (ko mmg kena tmbhkan lemak kat bdn..)

amaran keras :
blaja rajin2 tau!
dun noty2!

all the best and good luck bai! ;)


~purple pumpkin~ said...

hehe..thanks bai..
thanks 4 ur tips..i'll keep that in mind as guide..

sitot mysteritot said...

no problemo bai..
dun worry too much okies..
everything gonna be just fine..
just go with the flow..