Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tweet tweet twilight!

ouh well well well (gaya tut tut.. yani je tau ni.. ahaks!)
i have announcement to make!
we're gonna watch tweet.. tweet.. tweet.. twilight tonite! (apa ke gagap nak ckp ni lol!~) yahooo!! eventhough i haven't read the novel yet.. but i'm so so so so excited to watch it since my deary petoms(yani, mili, shedot, n especially anne who have read the book) have promoted the movie plus the handsome lead actor in the movie. hahaha..
i can't wait to watch it! let's watch the movie everybody.. :)

p/s: kalau ada rezeki nanti nak beli collection buku twilight as my own collection.. :)


Anonymous said...

hello aku pon da bace oke huhuhu

miss super duper said...

yelaa.. kan aku da buh nama yani, ko, dot n anne tu.. grr.. :-w