Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i'm 21!

yeap! i'm 21 now.. i turned 21 on 11th of november 2008.. i was born on year 1987 in kuala lumpur. I'm a child of mr roslin n mrs rozidah. the eldest among the siblings.hehe.. ok, enough of it and let's talk about the celebration..

it was 12 a.m and they(my beloved petom) switched off the light of my room and sang a birthday song for me.. (dorang bwk birthday cake ngan a bouquet of flowers woo..) actually i already can guess that they will celebrate my birthday that night. but i would never expect that the bouquet of flowers and the 21st birthday card were from my parent.. thanks ibu and ayah!! i'm so happy with the surprises.. love you both so much.. not to forget my bro, petoms, aunt, uncle and all my friends that msg and call me just to wish me "happy birthday!"

thanks ibu, ayah and adik for the surprises.. you are my everything!
thanks petoms for the great thought and celebration.. you guys really colors my days..
thanks yani for your "cooperation with ibu.. grrr.."(camne tak leh agak ni..??!)
thanks mili for the cute gift.. one of my fav gift..
thanks dot n zaim for my becoming to get bday gift.. lol! (can't wait to watch madagascar with u guys!)
thanks baa baa black sheep for the earliest birthday wish.. lol! (dia wish 5 nov woo!)
thanks doory, nad shah, anne, jern n eira for the great night and gives me one of the happiest moment in my life..
thanks to my beloved sisters a.k.a kak pop n kak mums! (thank u eh sbb slalu tmn ibu kite ms kite takde and teman dia dtg sini aritu..)
thanks cyart for the fresh orange! (sedap fresh orange tu. peace!)
thanks boad for the offer! (dia offer nak buh lagu kat fs woo.. best2!)
thanks abg sab and deng for the nice supper! wink!
thanks everybody especially phorezes, friends and relatives for all your thoughts on my birthday.. i really2 appreciate it so much..
last but certainly not least.. I LOVE YOU ALL! ;)

.my teletape from miss mili.


.birthday note from dottie dot.

.cute mr pooh n mr tiger comes along with the carnations!.


im.iedot.neve.kedekot. said...

owh ct! happy belated bday!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

miss super duper said...

thanks iedootttt!!!