Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.oh happy Saturday.

last week.. i'm kinda upset because my ayah didn't let me go to the mmuwc binding camp at lenggong..
i'm so so so wanna follow the trip.. frust abes.. :(
but what to do.. i'm the daughter.. he's the father..leader of the family.. i have to follow his order.. :(
the trip was on 19th-21st of february..

.i like the pelamin so much.. pink karer...

.kak ira yang sweet.

but it's ok.. my weekend is fulled also eventhough i couldn't go..
on the 20th afternoon, my cousin Ira, engaged with her beloved bf and the wedding going to be in october this year.. oh, i'm soo happy for her.. congrats kak ira!

then, that evening i went out with my dearest sabby n amalina! omg! finally we met sabby!!!
then, we went to karaoke together.. :)
sodap eh sore ekau ngopernye.. hehehe..
then we went for makan2 at popeye...
then g amik stok shawl..
then gi umah opah amey..
then we when for minum2 at tmn melawati.. this tyme including nas and nas blanje minumm..
thank nas for the minum2...
thanks amey n sabby for the wonderful day..
hope can meet aleena soon..
n amy of cos!
pls mark ur calender guys!
phorezes gathering going to be in august!!!!

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