Thursday, February 18, 2010

.it's a korean song.

shouldn't have done it
should have ignore it
like it wouldn't be seen
like it couldn't be seen
i don't think i should have seen you
should have run away
should have pretended no to hear
like it wouldn't be heard
i shouldn't have listened to your love
without a word you made me know love
without a word you gave me your love
made me fill myself with your every breath,
then you ran away
without a word love left me
without a word love tossed me aside
not knowing what to say
my lips must have been surprised
because you came without a word

p/s: geli nak post bondo alah ni.. tapi aku ske lagu tuuu... :) sila laa tengok you're beautiful yer rakan2.. :) ni translation jerr...