Thursday, May 28, 2009

kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga..

yeah.. the peribahasa did happen to me.. and me is the nila..
why can't i just control myself?
just control what i felt so that all of my friends would have fun and be happy..
why did i let my feelings control me?
and made my friends up sad..
i hate what i felt for this 2 days..
crying doesn't make me feel any better at all..
i were imagine a happy moment with friends since I'm not gonna see them everyday for 4 months after this..
but it turns out 360 degree
and i know
it's my fault and
i can't stop blaming myself for my stupidity
i had made people feels bad
and its so wrong
I'm so damn selfish
i know that..
but sometimes, as a normal human being i have no enough strength to control myself

I'm sorry! :'(

p/s : to my besfriend, u know who u r.. i know we never keep secrets from each other.. sorry for not letting u know what did happen that day.. sorry not answering ur quest and made u feel bad.. but believe me.. it's nothing bad bout u.. i'll tell u one day ok!

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