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Singapore Trip :)

18th May 2012
yani, mili, pika, paru and erol!
.the happy faces.
today i'm gonna share my 3 days 2 nights trip to Singapore with my besties!

Day 1 : LCCT > Changi Airport > Little India > Bugis Junction > Bugis Street > Arab Street > Merlion Park > Little India

Arrived at Changi Airport around 11a.m and straight away to Little India to check in at G4 station backpackers hostel.*bilik dia tecik tapi okla untuk 2 malam dan tempatnya bersih!*

the happy mili at changi airport
After lunch, off we go to the Bugis Street.. this place is quiet similar to our Petaling Street *cuma jalan dia pendek sket je*. So, if you ever want to buy a souvenir like key chains, t-shirt, fridge magnets for cheaper prices you can get it here..
18 keychains for SGD 10, 4 fridge magnet at SGD 10 and 4 I <3 Singapore for SGD10 too.. cool huh?!

At the entrance
After that we went to the famous Zam Zam Restaurant at Arab Street and had the marvelicious Murtabak Singapore! Yummsss! good news! zam zam restaurant ada branch di Malaysia.. kat mana? Jalan TAR! I myself have not had any experience eating at the restaurant yet. So, Malaysian.. what are you waiting for? go Malaysia go.. Malaysia go go go! kasi serang itu kedai murtabak.. dia munya kari manyak sedap woo...

Kalau berjalan jalan di Singapura agak tidak lengkap kalau tidak berjalan jalan di Merlion Park dan bergambar dengan Air pancut singa *betol ke ayat aku ni".. So, after murtabak-ing *oh my english!*, we ols went to the Merlion Park.. and taking pictures 10 ribu juta :)

background : marina bay
the singa i told ya just now :)

Day 2 : Little India > Sentosa > Little India

USS! yes the Universal Studio! yeayyy!
i just don't know how to describe the happiness and no stress at all! let the pictures tells you everything :)

Going on Saturday? Please come before 10am! this picta taken at 9.30am. see the queue? don't blame for not reminding.. hee!~
the map! masuk je USS tros lari pergi transformer tau! paling best!

best! tapi kaki menggigil. lol!
the globe :)
with puss in boots!

Day 3 : Little India > Arab street > Little India > Changi Airport > LCCT

Nothing much on the third day.. We had breakfast at our hostel.. went to Mustafa mall, lunch at zam zam restaurant, buy some sourvenirs at Arab street and to changi airport :)

USS memang best! merengek rengek nak pergi lagi huuu... :)

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