Monday, June 21, 2010

sekian lama..

agak lama da aku tak update blog ini dan meninggalkan ia bersendirian tanpa tuan. tatiannn blog saya.. :(
berita terkini hiburan sensasi >>> alhamdulillah, i'm graduating! hooray! and of cause since i've been ternaking lemak at home for quite a weeks, my weight also increases "dahsyat"ly.. scary isn't it.. but i have fun at home! sleeping and wake up only my mom ambush me at my room.. lol! that's one of my secret of my success ternaks lemaks.. :) *pls kids especially ladies don't try this at home,or all the mak mertuas will reject u to be their menantu* ok, i need a change! when? tomorrow! *lame answer*

ok dear, other than sleeping and ternaking lemak, there's a lot of activities that i've done... most of my activities are done with my family like the family gathering where we celebrating my bro's bday,then this mak cik doin makan2, then this pak cik doing doa slamat, n then this sedara do kawen2.. wow! another contribution to my bloating and floating condition.. lol!

meet my adik during his 21st advance birthday surprise! :) botak headdd!! 

until yani came to my house cause she had this work training with TM. it was fun having her here with me n my family! how i wish to go to her kg! huhu.. maybe during cyart's wed perhaps! haha..

then, me n yani n mili went for karaoke at the gardens.. oh rendukupadamiliterobat... anne tak dapat nak join cause of her work n intan was on her bck from johor to cyber.. so, there goes 3 of us.. credit to mili for her most touching of delivering nadiku.. sodeh nau.. sob sob..

then few days later, we went out again.. this time watching the Lagenda Budak Setan with che yart, yani, intan and anne! the movie was ok laa.. i mean the story is nice but i dun think they have a strong dialog! but i really love fazura in the movie! u go girl! waaa.. best gler dapat hang out ngan dorang! mesti lagi best kalo sumerrrr ada! terobatjuarenduakupadadorang... 

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