Friday, June 25, 2010

my family and i @ malacca! :)

elloo.. it's me! sitottt.. the owner of the blog.. and ryte now i'm in malacca with my family celebrating PSSCM's 45th anniversarry.. we are staying in dvilla at bukit beruang.. thanks to the event committee.. the place is really nice! like this! *thumbs up!* we are staying for night and going back to kuala lumpur tomorrow night right after the annual dinner. erm... it's 1.50a.m yet, i can't sleep at all.. i've been having this headache since the afternoon.. ergh! headache, pls go away.. sitot wanna sleep... i wanna have really good sleep.. i should have a good deep nice sleep.. cause i need to wake up early tomorrow.. as early as 6.00 a.m perhaps? oh gosh!! we shall!

pak teh treat us all a dinner at umbai just now! and of cause, i ate a lot! i mean it! a lot! hehe... but i don't care at all cause the food was so nice! thank u pak teh.. love ya! muaxxxx!!!

ergh! i can;t take this headache anymore!! i'm sooooo gonna take a medicine ryte away! goshhhh!!! it's so painfull.. T_T

bubye for now.. the report gonna be continue tomorrow.. and hopefully i'm gonna be rajin to upload the pictures.. hehe.. boboiiiiiii!!! 

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