Saturday, December 3, 2011

my sweet november

new link? well i need new changes and some privacy i guess..
well, November has been a great month for me especially my birthday!
but deep inside my heart how i wish i could hear emie's wish for my birthday... *oh sudah2! dia happy di sana siti, so don't be sad and hadiahkan al-fatihah whenever u miss him*

adat manusia kan, selalu lupa.. bila depan mata macam macam tak kena, bila dah tiada mula laa teringat ingat..
and this refer to myself. i pray to Allah to be a better person insyaAllah with his will..

oh, so what's up with november 11?
well, i was born on 11th november 1987..
one of the reason that this year birthday is special cause it's 2011! 11.11.11? got it?
yani wished me happy binary day! LOL!
my beloved baa baa black sheep is the first to wish on that day..
and my dearest mili wished a day after it and owe me a cup of smoothies! it's ok mili, i understand.. we're working people mmg tade masanya nak berjaga malam malam dah.. it's the thought that count. i still love u :)
pajelan sang me birthday song on 8th?
my mak lang wished me on 8th?
wassap with 8th? Does FB confused my birthdate with amal? LOL! it's sokay i'm still thankful and happy..
oh my fav among all! amy made a bday video and post it on her wall at 11pm 11 mins and 11 secs russian hour as my birthday present! i love it!
en yusz sang me 2 version of bday song on my bday at the off!
kak lin the boss gave me the delicious secret recipe carrot cake while nazri and mai got me this 2 cute cuppies from cupcake chic..
my parents and aunties made this suprise bday on 11th at 12 am.
my beloved petoms surprised me on the day we went out for petoms karaoke day!
wishes through fb and sms!
3 gifts from makteh! perfume that i ever wished for!
got to celebrate our bday together! me and amal.. :)
oh! what else i ever wanted.. i just got everything i love with.. and i'm very thankful cause you all are the most precious gift in my life.
and my beloved bitt sayang ku kuci kuci.. haha! mesti ko geli lantak! i love u so much! u dun be sad cause tak dpt balik celeb with ur most cunnest *tersangat cun jd cunnest?* kakak! ur kakak always love u and pray for ur success! just study smart, get good result and made our parent proud! that would be the best gift bro!

I'm very thankful to Allah for granted my wishes..

Dear parents, family and friends,
thank you very much for all the prayers, thoughts and gifts!
I love you very much..U'll always be in my heart.

One and only,
.Siti Rashidah binti Roslin.

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