Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the day after tomorrow


the day after tomorrow..
is the day where all the hats on the  head of graduating students (mmu i meant) will fly up up up high in the sky..
it's our convocation day laaa.. hehe..
i pray that me and my friends will have a good career and we have a bright future indeed..

yeah.. i do missed the students life..
what I've miss the most is of cos my beloved adorable lovable kind hearted bestest among all, my diorest jimmy choo petomss..
no more eating steaks in doorymilianne's room..
no more bullying yani and dodot..
no more waking up naddy nad,
no more baa black sheep here and there..
haihh.. nonono.. there's more...
there's more petom's wed invitation..
meaning more reunions coming up! lol..
maybe one of us will have kids first..
so excited on what we are going through after this..
and helloooo... our technology is upgrading fast and now we have hsbb right??
wait no more.. install hsbb now!! (promoteee! lol)
and hellooo we can always call..
do contact each other..
facebooking and blooging.. update2..

dear petoms,

we've been through all the good and hard times together..
yet our friendship still strong..
i hope our friendship will remains forever and ever and ever..
till death do us apart.. 
love you petomssss! ;)
and thanks for everything...

to petam,
thanks for everything..
you're the bestest pals i've ever met.
thank you for all your helps, support and being the best friends.