Wednesday, October 7, 2009


hello dear bloggie..
miss me already huh?
busy working laa dey..
after finish the internship programme and celebrating hari raya, i continue working with my aunt's company..
maroz tailoring sdn bhd..
job scope >>> accountant helper... hahaha.. den pon x tau laa apa den nyo kojo.. kdg2 cam office girl pun ada.. tp kdg2 tolong wat data entry.. jeng jeng jeng..

ok2.. let's talk bout my unfinish intership report..
pending.. pending.. pending..
bila mahu siap daa??
i've just realize that i forgot to job down any reference from all the manual books that i've already look through while doing internship..
waa manyak lupaa wooo!!

i'm feeling dizzy..
with all this unfinish work..

till then.. tata!~

and yeah.. happy holidays for all mmuians! enjoy ur holiday! :)

muke kena keje plus wat report.. duh!


noRule said...

ollooohh tomei nyeee
sekilo bape ni kalo nak beli??;;)

cikmune said...

ala... comelnyeee

sitot mysteritot said...

norule : ooiii x men kilo2.. pki kati je.. :))

cik mune : munnn!! rindu awk! sob3!